Wednesday, December 24, 2008

25 Days of CHRISTmas - December 24, 2008

"On the twenty-fourth day of CHRISTmas my true Love gave to me... tradition."

I am only child, I have only a few traditions growing up, my favorite of which was, and remains CHRISTmas morning breakfast, but even that tradition is one that didn't start until I was probably in adolescence.

As an adult with my own children, there is one tradition that has really developed in our little family. It is our CHRISTmas Eve tradition of going to church together and then driving to see lights on a particular street in a nearby city. I love it, I look forward to it every year, and my kids too. There is something wonderful abiut having this tradition that the five of us share. Others have joined us, but always the five of us, it is how we end CHRISTmas Eve.

I love tradition because in a world where things are always changing, it is nice when somethings remain the same.

Merry CHRISTmas!

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