Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jesus got it right.

I have things I like I about my church, and things I don't. Same with pastors, leaders, teachers in my life - things I agree with, and things I don't. Wishing I was a "glass half-full" kind of girl, I'm not, and I am more inclined to note the empty than the full.

It goes for marriage, family- immediate and extended; things I am standing fist held high shouting "YES" to in agreement, and other things where I stare at the ground shake my head and at times even slap myself in the forehead thinking, "Wrong, just wrong."

I have a depth perception problem you see. I can only see as far as I am willing to look (often not past my own opinions); I can only comprehend to the limit of my intellect; I can only discern to the level of my observation. No matter how much I may sit back, take things in and evaluate - I will never have all the facts, I will never completely see the bigger picture, I will never have every piece of evidence to judge the case.

It never stops me from trying, but if I get real - I fall short.

We all do.

Jesus on the other hand will not. He will look at the glass and understand exactly why the line draws where it does - heck, He'll even have a purpose for it.

Jesus will listen to the words of another and hear their heart, not just what they're saying. (Thankfully, and sometimes not so thankfully, that's true when he's listening to me too.)

He understands (and gracefully forgives) impure motives, unconquered weaknesses, overwhelming challenges - and He is frazzled by none of them.

So when I struggle in my sight, looking around thinking things ought to be different - in a church, in a relationship, in a circumstance, I need to remember I can't see what He sees. And maybe instead of looking so hard to see things, I should just look a whole lot harder to see Him.


The One who said to LOVE.

The One who said to FORGIVE.

The One who said to TRUST.

The One who said to PRAY.

The One who said to ABIDE.

I will never find the perfect job, ministry, home, life, family, church, opportunity...

But the perfection I crave to look upon is there, but it's a Person - not a place, circumstance or thing. Jesus is the Perfection in my life. He's the One who's got it right.

So in my imperfection I must simply (and not so simply) seek after Him and trust that He sees and knows and will manage all that I can't. (And newsflash: He does.)