Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Ran across this random poem I wrote I have no idea when.  It looks like pages that fell out of a small journal or something.  I'm not sure.  I didn't date it, or possibly some of it is just missing, but the words are timely as I have just stumbled across it now.  Always fighting against the sense of not belonging, or being out of place - not matter where I am, or not being effective there at the least.  I sometimes feel inclined to give up on church, but never on Jesus.  But this poem whispers the truths that God places us where He wants us for His purpose.

I'm not sure if this was posted somewhere here before.  If it was, I couldn't find it. I made a few small edits, and part of the original prose may be missing too


My heart wants to wander
My eyes grow to weary to heed
My own flesh tries to prevent me
From my soul's sole greatest need

My soul longs for Your presence
I need to just sit at your feet
That Your Spirit may pour into my want
And make my satisfaction complete

Circumstances will conspire against it
The fellowship of my heart with Yours
The enemy of my soul seeks to destroy it
But my spirit deep within continually implores

"Father help me overcome every obstacle,
"That hinders my path to You
"Help me lay aside this life's cares
"And bask in the knowledge of what's True"

You've called me to a greater purpose
Than what I can see before my eyes
You have a plan to use me
To break through all the lies

Lies that say we don't matter
That there is no God who cares
They must be shattered by Your mercies
That Your love may reveal You're there

You're reaching out to each one of us
Calling us ever closer to Your heart
For it is Your greatest longing that
Of Your family and purpose we'd be a part

I know You gave Your all
So we could fellowship as One
No thing did You withhold
Not even Your precious Son

Yet still my heart longs with want
My flesh and my heart will fail
But I cling to the hope I have
That Your purpose will prevail

You are my Strength and my Hope
So my heart must persevere
And as I reach out in my weakness
I know You'll meet me here.

My weary head You'll lift
And look into my face
With gentle words You remind me
In Your plan I have a place

So in my weakness of flesh
My soul cries out in hope to You
Knowing no matter how I struggle
Your love and promises

©Diana DePriest
Original date unknown. 
Rewrite September 16, 2014