Monday, November 24, 2008


This is my friend Jason. He is a soldier, currently serving our great country in Iraq; he's a specialist, fighting on the front lines.

Do you like my big gun? Petting my first Iraq dog and probibly last. I dont think any of the rest of them are this tame, or clean. Yes I still washed my hands after

To my knowledge, Jason isn't a believer in Jesus Christ. But he's there fighting in this war because of the things he does believe in, he reinlisted for the sole purpose of going to help in this war. He has given me permission to pray for him, and to ask you to pray for him too, and his buddies. I've known Jason since I was just 14 years old, even dated him for a very short time way back in the 80's. He's been my and Neal's friend for a long time.

Please pray for him, and his fellow soldiers in the 185th. Pray for his protection, pray for his safety and his salvation. When I asked him if I could pray, and ask you all to pray too, here is a little of what he had to say...

"YESSSS! that would be great and thank you for the prayer. Not to sound greedy and I'm sure the guys would agree. We would take all the Prayers we can get. Invincible, NO WAY! But we do try to stay focused and alert and have confidence in each others abilities. reality is a big punch in the face here. Its not training any more. This is the real deal.... It's nice to know that when I climb into the turret and load my weapons. That I have Angels looking over me. This is a crazy job but somebody has to do it."

If you want to commit to keeping Jason in prayer, leave me a comment to do so, if you can't make the commitment then just stop right now as you read this and pray for him and his fellow soldiers. You can also send notes or letters to me at, and I will gladly forward them on.