Tuesday, September 22, 2015

His Silence

Sometimes the Lord is so quiet
I'm unable to decipher a sound
Based on what I can see
I could wonder if He's even around

I long for the days He spoke clearly
Directing each step I should take
When I felt so clearly connected
In every decision I'd make

I once thought His voice an anomaly
Not something I even knew could be
But in my heart I then heard a whisper
My God clearly speaking to me

I was His sheep and He my Shepherd
His Word promised I'd know His voice
And every time I would hear it so clearly
My heart would greatly rejoice

He whispered such precious Words
Loved, forgiven, redeemed
He whispered His tender directions
He'd speak forever or so it seemed

But then sometimes He'd grow quiet
I'd be uncertain of where I should go
So desperately I would look back
On the things I already know

Every word of His whispers
Had to be taken back to His Word
Because if they didn't line up
Then I knew they hadn't been heard

In the early days He spoke often
Directing each step of the way
But the longer we walked together
Sometimes He'd have less to say

Where He once led step stone by stone
Later it would be a path He's lead me to
He'd say Go that direction
Then stand back to see what I'd do

Would I let the climb deter me?
Would obstacles hold me back?
Would I let my fear or dismay
Push me completely off track?

Sometimes the climb is exhausting
And darkness the path will obscure
And I'll long for His clear direction
A word to just reassure

But sometimes the Lord just stays silent
Offering no new words along the way
He just leaves me with the decision
On this path will I or won't I stay?

If I ponder my feet it overwhelms me
Looking at the path I long to turn back
Trying to peer through the darkness
I'm so aware of the wisdom I lack

So many lessons in His silence
About my want and my need and my know
But when I'm too focused on such things
I might wonder Where did He go? 

But Truth, it's a fool thing to wonder
About where The omnipresent God might be
Because even in long seasons of silence
He's not once for a moment ever forsaken me

Obedience is not just a moment
But rather a path we must take
And to expect it to always be simple
Is to make the gravest mistake

Even more grave is to believe the lie
That obedience always makes sense
For it will often be quite a struggle
And we'll find it a battle intense

For strength is built with resistance
And it's with exercise that faith will grow
So when I don't know what's up ahead
Remember Who said to me Go

Though His silence sometimes overwhelming
Not forever will it ever remain
And when again I hear His sweet whisper
It will echo like the sweetest refrain

For sometimes the still in His silence
Is like a pause in the midst of a song
For when the music resumes
The message is pow'rful and strong

Loved, Forgiven, Redeemed
He has a plan for you up ahead
So retreat not back from His path
Settling for any less in its stead

No, the road won't be easy
At times it'll seem to quiet to bear
But I promise even in silence
Jesus is always right there

So press on, pursue, relent not
Listen, focus, expect Him to speak
Continue on despite His silence
For you're on a path that's unique

When you're found in the midst of His silence
Revisit Who and whatever you know
But never turn back from the path
Of obedience where He said to go

Little sheep, press on and relent not
Wait with hope for the Shepherd's voice
For He will not remain ever silent
When He speaks then we shall rejoice.

©Diana DePriest
September 22, 2015