Thursday, September 4, 2008

30 Days of Praise - Day 27

Bet you thought I forgot, huh? It never said CONSECUTIVE days, so I'm going to take an opportunity here and bring it back. I'm doing it not because life is grand and everything is rosy, because truthfully, right now, life seems kind of crappy. Sorry, couldn't think of a nicer word.

But even in the midst of the rough times, God is still on His throne, still working for my good, and still worthy of all praise and honor.


Lord, I praise You for Your goodness. I praise you that Your intentions towards me and mine are always good, and although the enemy may try, he can never, NEVER thwart Your plan for me or my family. And I praise You that where the enemy of our souls may want to come in and bring division or destruction, he can't overcome Your good work with his evil. He is a filthy lying robber of truth, robber of life, but he is also fully defeated and has no real power.

I praise You that this life is but a breath, that this earth is not my home, and my circumstances are not my reality, but rather my reality is established in the eternal, in Your kingdom, and there when my true treasure is, there is no moth or rust that can even touch it.

I praise you that You will love and lead us through every struggle and challenge, and that on the other side, we will have become better and stronger people because of it.

I praise you that in every situation and circumstance we have the choice to look to You and remember that You are greater, and we can love those around us who may not see it. And we can pray for their eyes to be open to that they may receive eternal treasures in heaven too.

Please help me, my family, to always look solely to You, and love You with all that we have and all that we are, and love others because You love us and enable us to do so.

I praise You for today and everyday, because You are good, and You are good all the time.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Notice Anything?

Spending some time with the Lord this evening, I have started to question my last post. I aired some dirty laundry on behalf of my children and although I feel strongly about not hiding their sin (more specifically this would apply to Jacob) I am wondering if perhaps it's not my place to lay out their stumbles for all to read. The bible says we are to confess our own sins to one another that we may be healed.

I think there were some good thoughts to ponder in the post and I am going to pray and consider what the right thing to do is, whether to just go ahead and put it back up, change it, or just lose it altogether. In the meantime I am choosing discretion while I consider what the Lord would have me do.

If any of you already read it, well please don't jugde, my son or me. We're both still works in progress.