Saturday, October 2, 2010

Am I Listening?

California has been having some funny weather. After a mild summer we've had a severe heat wave, and then the last couple days it's been strange with thunderstorms and lightning.

Yesterday I found myself stuck at home because of a break down with my car. While I awaited Triple A, we had a sudden crazy thunderstorm. I walked outside into it and had an amazing experience, suddenly aware of my God, and his power. As I stood in a sudden torrent of downpour while the sun shone brightly in the sky, I could hear the thunder roar in the distance. It made me so aware of the power of my God.

Lots of friends and loved ones have been telling tales of rainbows they've been seeing in the sky. Over and over again people were talking about the wonder of the rainbows in the sky.

It made me think of a day in my past when things were particularly dark and scary. I was overwhelmed with fear and discouragement. My heart was heavy. It began to rain that day and I took my children outside to splash in the puddles.

After a time when the rain begin to stop, I looked up into the sky and saw four rainbows in the sky. It was as though they were surrounding our little neighborhood, and honestly, I felt like they were just for me. The Lord was reminding me of His goodness and His faithfulness.

The rainbow is a reminder of the theme of my life, "God always keeps His promises." It is a truth on which I stand.

It makes me wonder that all these rainbows being seen by people here lately aren't perhaps the Lord Himself trying to draw their eyes heavenward. Could it be His call to look up and remember, what a faithful God we serve?

Someone shared this video today on Facebook, and I wanted to share it with all of you, because I think it holds to the theme of the wonderings of my heart.

Is God speaking today?
More importantly, am I listening?
Are you?