Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Power of Words

I love to write. I have always loved to write, and I think I'm pretty good at it, and other people have encouraged that thought.

Twice in the last month that encouragement has come from unexpected places. First I got an email from my friend Jayme Hamilton telling me about her blog. In it she made the suggestion I start a blog of my own, because she said she knew I "loved to write." And she's right, I do. Besides, I always have a lot to say, and sometimes when it comes right out of my mouth it can get me into trouble. But on the other hand when I take the time to write it down first I have the opportunity to edit and re-think what I want to say before I push that publish button, well for me, that is a VERY good thing.

The other unexpected encouragement came from a casual friend at church, someone who I know, our kids are friends, we've done the birthdays together, our husbands are friends, etc., but not someone who I would claim to know well, or think knows me well either. Anyway, a couple weeks back at church my pastor read a little article I had written for our Women's Ministry Newsletter to the congregation. He tried to get a hold of me to warn me in advance but I was sleeping... (sorry Pastor.) Anyway, because he couldn't get a hold of me (I'm guessing) when he read it to the people at first service he didn't mention my name as the author. This friend caught me between services and asked me if I had written the story Pastor had shared, she said, "I know you're a writer and it just sounded like you." She was just having a casual conversation with me, but it really encouraged me that she would consider me to be "a WRITER." I thought that was pretty cool. Another friend (who I know very well) also came up to me after first service and asked if it was my story because she said it "sounded" like me. I like that, I like that they see me as a writer and that my style is distinctive enough to be recognized.

Please don't think me prideful though, I know my writing abilities are a gift from God, they aren't mine, they're His, He made me able to paint pictures with words... at least that's how my mom always described it, and it's interesting because I come from a family of people who are gifted with pencils and paint brushes (the artistic kind). So having said all that, it's my joy to have a place to share my heart and my writing, and if I hope it blesses people.