Friday, May 11, 2012

Hold On

I know, like me and mine, many people I love and care about are facing some pretty tough battles right now. As I wrote this poem, I wrote it with many of you in mind. This poem is meant to be an encouragement. It's truth-- whatever we are facing, we are NOT alone, if we belong to Jesus, we have God on our side. Whatever we are facing has been filtered through His hand for His good purpose, for our good and for His glory. Sometimes it's hard to remember that, but it does not change that it's true. So I encourage anyone who is a follower of Christ who finds themselves in a time of difficulty, struggle, warfare, hold on. He's holding on to you.

Hold On

The darkness surrounds, obscuring the view,
Can’t see what is real, can’t see what’s true.

Fear creeps in, demanding control,
Pretending he has some authority’s role.

The darkness lies, its power’s not real,
Hold onto the truth, not to what you feel.

Look up ahead, do you have Him in sight?
Focus your eyes on eternity’s Light.

Circumstance has no power He will not bend,
He alone is the Author, from beginning to end.

Your life, He holds safely in His hand,
His strength He offers, He’ll help you to stand.

When trouble overwhelms, and you want to run,
Stop and remember, look at all He has done.

Remember His words, His promises true,
Nothing can separate His love from you.

He will be with you in every trial that you face,
He’s with you now, right here in this place.

Say no to the fear that obscures truth like a veil,
You plus the Lord will always prevail.

Press on, press on, don’t give up the fight!
Hold on, believe, grab hold of the Light.

Never forget greater is He that is living in you!
He’ll give you the strength, He’ll guide you through!

Before and behind, and upon you it rests,
His hand covers you amidst all of these tests.

Never give up, God’s on your side,
Amidst the storms, in Him abide.

Hold on, hold on, don’t give in to the strife,
Hold to the One who holds onto your life!

He is real, He is Truth, He is your Friend,
On Him, in confidence, You can depend!!

Let it rise, your faith, let it rise up in you,
Remember, hold on, you know He is true!

No storm He can’t still, or your heart in its midst
Don’t let the struggle, your certainty twist.

Look! Look! And remember this day,
He alone is the Life, the Truth and the Way!

Who else could there be? What other way would you go?
He is your hope, this you must know.

Don’t acquiesce; don’t crumble in fear,
Remember He’s with you; He led you here.

He is unfettered by the battle you face,
Never forget He is still Lord in this place.

No darkness can touch the power He holds,
Stand back and be amazed as His grace unfolds.

Declare it out loud; let not the fight you unnerve,
Remember this day, Whom you do serve!

He’s for you and with you, and He’ll see you through,
He’s Lord of all, and He’s the Savior of you!

Praise Him, praise Him, and let your faith rise!
Feelings and fear, this faith, it defies!

Watch and be sure, you will see Him move,
And once again His faithfulness He will prove.

The darkness may come to obscure your view,
But you’ll not be shaken if you hold to what’s true.

Jesus is true, He is your life and the only Way,
So as you stand in this storm, hold to Him today.

By Diana DePriest
© May 11, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Master's Plan

Funny that they didn't invite Him since they were there in His "house." But He must not have minded since He was there, even if they couldn't see Him from where they stood at His altar.

A man stood there with them, he talked about Him, read from His book. The woman and man made promises in His name with no understanding of what it really meant.

He was there, watching, knowing, but they couldn't see Him, or maybe they chose not to. But He loved them anyway.

They thought they knew love as they made promises about forever-- or at least the rest of their days. They had no idea what their future held, or Who held their future. But He was there, watching, waiting, loving and leading.

I promise...

To love...

To honor...

To cherish...

What they didn't hear was the promise He made.

What God has brought together...

Let no man separate...

He brought them there, and they had no idea. It was His master plan.

It was the Master's plan.

I'm glad He was there, long before we knew it. I'm glad His words were spoken, His book was read. I'm glad the promises were made.

I'm glad we soon realized He was with us. I'm glad the Master revealed His plan.

I still promise...

To love...

To honor...

To cherish...

In Jesus' name.