Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Peace

I was just dozing off to sleep tonight and this poem began to come together in my mind. I hurried into the office to write it down. It came together with ease, which always means it's not of me. I know where my talents come from, they're the Lord's, and when words flow so poetically with ease, I know it's a gift from Him, and to be shared with others. So I hope it is an encouragement to someone. If one heart is touched, then I know I have served at least some small part of my purpose.

This Peace

Pressures they come, my heart’s overwhelmed
I look at my life, who stands at the helm?

The storm waves they rise- again and again,
Tossed to and fro, when will it end?

“Peace!” I cry out, “Peace find me now!”
I know I can find it, but can’t recall how.

Is it in the waves? Is it in the wind?
No, it’s not there, it’s found in my Friend.

It’s not in the storm that I’ll find my peace,
But it’s found when the storm to Him I release.

Jesus, You died that Your peace I might know,
Hung on the cross, Your peace you bestowed.

Not of this world is the peace that You give,
This peace supersedes the life that I live.

Circumstances can’t steal it, nor this life destroy,
This peace overcomes all the enemy’s ploys.

This peace is resident deep in my soul,
This peace is a peace that makes my heart whole.

This peace is what’s real, this peace is what’s true,
This peace is the peace that’s found only in You.

This peace is what makes stable my life,
This peace is what overcomes struggle and strife.

It’s in this peace that I will find rest,
It’s with Your peace all my fears are addressed.

“Come to Me weary, with your heavy loads”
So You said, that Your peace could be known.

I give You my burdens, I give You my storms,
And with this peace my life is transformed.

The waves may still rise, but I am lifted above,
As I rest in this peace, I rest in Your love.

This peace that You give, no one can steal
This peace, Your peace is eternal and real.

By Diana DePriest © February 3, 2010