Thursday, April 7, 2011


Leaving for retreat tomorrow. I'm super excited.

I'm not going with my own church, I'm going with another church. Other than my one girlfriend who I am going with, I don't anticipate knowing anyone at all.

There is something very appealing to me about going and getting lost in a crowd. I'm excited about going and just seeking the Lord, without feeling like there are any opinions or impressions about me that I have to fight to overcome.

I'm looking forward to going without being distracted by any of my own opinions, thoughts, feelings or hurts. I'm looking forward to not having any preconceived ideas to overcome, mine about others, or theirs about me.

I'm going with a friend that I love dearly, and she loves me, and neither of us expects to really know anyone there. She might run into a casual acquaintance or two (in theory, I suppose I could too) but chances are we are both going clothed in total anonymity.

I'm excited about at least starting this excursion to seek the Lord anonymously. No judgment, no expectation, no opinions to overcome. My girlfriend and I are going, with joy and anticipation. All of my expectation is in Jesus alone.

I don't know what to expect, but I am full of hope.

I have hope for sweet fellowship with a dearest friend.

I have hope for hearing a word from the Lord.

I have hope for making new friends.

I have hope for the freedom that comes from being anonymous.

My hope is in Jesus for this weekend, and I am beliving for good things.