Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pissed off rant

It's really hard not to be angry lately.

There is a heck of a lot wrong in the world.  What's worse, a lot of what's wrong is being declared as right.  And to make matters worse, if you don't agree, then that means there's something wrong with you.

Where do I start?  OK, let's talk about abortion.  I have always tried my best to walk a respectful line on the topic of abortion.  Because although I know what it is, and I know how wrong it is, and I know how much God absolutely despises it, I have always found myself able to find grace for those who didn't get it.  I would even go so far as to say I could understand someone being "Christian and pro-choice" when it was rooted in their "love" for a woman in crisis and not wanting to impose their own opinions and beliefs on others.  I didn't AGREE with them, but I was able to understand it.  And then this series of exposé videos about Planned Parenthood came out, and it really kind of clarified everything about what abortion is.  It cleared up the misconception about "lumps of cells" and "fetal tissue."  When they started talking about selling body parts and dissecting little baby brains, the lies about lack of humanity expressed in the past was pretty well uncloaked.

So the truth is outrageous enough.  But what really pushes me over the edge is the fact that nobody seems to care.  Social media is wrought with "Stand with PP" propaganda.  People buy into the lie that abortion has anything to do with "women's health."  No mammograms, no cancer screenings, just billions of tax dollars thrown at the business of abortion.  The media barely even covers the subject, and when they do, it's all about protecting women again. We've got Whoopi Goldberg telling the world to stay the hell away from her vagina, and the people in the audience applaud.  Babies keep on dying, Planned Parenthood continues their questionable business practices, and we keep bankrolling it with our tax dollars.  Doesn't even matter that the brutal truth is not out there for all to see, Ignorance is no longer an option, but it's still the preference.  I don't hear much about it from the church either, no pastor or priest, not from the pulpit.  "God forbid" we might offend.

I heard yesterday that Caitlyn Jenner is getting woman of the year.  I'd like to question if she qualifies since she wasn't actually a woman for the whole year.  (Tongue firmly in cheek.)  Don't call that sin.  Today it is perfectly fine to define your own gender, your own race, your own anything as long as you choose to "identify."  Bathrooms and locker rooms in high schools need to be gender neutral?  Because we can't ask the one transgender student to change in a restroom, it's better to let the 100 girls in the girls' locker room be uncomfortable and suffer the choice.  And, now I'm a bigot for saying so.

I'm not alone though, there are a whole lot of us bigots out there these days.  In fact every single white police officer who has a heated interaction with a person of color is doing so because they are a bigot.  They are racial profiling, or they are singling the person out all based on their race -- it has ZERO to do with the fact that they are in violation of a law, or acting in some suspicious manner, and has nothing to do with the fact that they have no respect for the authority invested in the police officer who has been SWORN to protect.  Nope, it's all on the cop, he has to be the bigot. Oh by the way, if you want to talk about a black man or an illegal alien (oops, I think I just committed hate speech) who commits a crime against a white woman-- well now you're a bigot all over again.

Did I mention illegal aliens?  Oh darn, hate speech again... I can't remember the newest politically correct term.  Sorry.  But how dare you think your nation should be allowed to protect its borders and manage immigration.  You're supposed to let anyone and everyone in, no questions asked.  Because that's how you keep a nation safe.... right?  Right?

Well laws, you know, they're just sort of useless.  We should all really be allowed to pick and choose which ones we follow, sort of like a supermarket of human responsibility.  "Drug use is a victimleess" crime... OK, tell that to the family who is burying their loved one who died from an overdose. Or let's talk about the draw on society that comes from someone who is too stoned to contribute, C*O*N*T*R*I*B*U*T*E.... Back in the olden days, we called that working.  And everyone was expected to do it.  Now we're destroyong job opportunities right and left (when was the last time you walked through the self-check out?  Did you hear about that huge U.S. construction project where all the workers were brought in from China?) But by all means, let's require the evil big business to pay the one worker who stand twiddling his thumbs while everyone else checks themselves out $15 an hour, and provide him health insurance to boot.

When I was 16 I got paid minimum wage - $3.35/ hour. I worked my butt off for it, hostessing, waitressing. But you know what? My minimum wage job was never meant to be the career I had to have a life and a family.  Flipping burgers is a teenager's job, not for someone claiming "head of household" on their income taxes. So why do we want to pay them $15 an hour? Cost of living? Nobody was ever supposed to live off flipping burgers.

Burgers by the way? They're going to kill you, and a bacon burger? Well, that should flat out be made illegal, so says the WHO. Who? The World Health Organization says your bacon causes cancer, and maybe they shouldn't let you eat it anymore.  That's a serious danger, and like Michelle Obama and school lunches, they don't think you're smart enough to make good choices for yourself.  And you know what? Maybe you're not, but I say, if you want to eat yourself into a heart attack, more power to you. I mean after all, if we shouldn't stop you from doing drugs.... Are we beginning to see the inconsistency here?

So let's get rid of the bacon burgers, but terrorist threats? Well, that's not actually acceptable for you to assume.  Don't even talk about it.  We need a new term for that as well.  Shame on you if you take issue with any of the tenets of the Muslim faith.  Sharia law really should have a place here, but Constitutional law? Well, that's kinda questionable.

Like that little pesky 2nd amendment.  That's old and outdated and really needs to be repealed. You don't need to have the right to bear arms to potentially protect yourself from a government that may try to usurp your individual rights, because seriously, that's NEVER going to happen.... Ahem...


I'm a horrible terrible awful Christian, I know.  In fact, if I am a Christian at all is seriously in question because I don't think I am actually showing all the necessary tell-tale signs.  "Peace, joy and love," aren't my go to when I see innocent babies being killed, and sin being praised, and an oppressive government on the rise.  I lack faith if I stand up and say my peace against it... surely.

But then again, we were told in the Bible to be "wise as serpents" in our efforts to be "innocent as doves."  And I don't think wisdom denies what's happening in the world around us.  And I don't think wisdom turns a blind eye.  I don't think wisdom refuses to call sin sin at all.  I don't think wisdom stays silent and refuses to shout out the warning.

Being the light means bringing LIGHT to DARK places.  It means exposure to things hidden in darkness. And sometimes that means the loving this to do is speak Truth even when it costs you.

So the end of my pissed off rant says, what is happening in our world is NOT ok.  And we need to stand against the darkness a call it out.

End rant.