Wednesday, September 3, 2014

American Christian

Just felt like being poetic today, and this sort of took off in a direction of its own... not even sure what I think of it, but this is my way of processing sometimes.  I know it has a lot of truth to it... other than that, decide for yourself. 

American Christian
We stand and watch as the storm circles about
We hear cries of fear, no hope and of doubt.

The world is off kilter and the view incites fear
Dead seem the values once dearly held here.

There, for faith, people are losing their life
Our “global community” is connected through strife.

Nation against nation, man against man, war doesn’t end
Such great hate, hurt and anger, we can't comprehend.

Your people there are dying, their blood shed on the ground
In their world beheaded but in Your world they’re crowned.

The death of Your saints is dear to Your heart
And You are there with them, every suffering part.

But while watching their storm we can’t understand
Why do You hold back Your rescuing hand?

“Sovereign” is a word that is hard to choke out
It’s painted with faith, but colored with doubt.

In one simple word comes forth hope and disdain
Love for Your promise, but hate for their pain.

“All things together” is the promise You’ve made
We all stand in the steps of the plans that You’ve laid.

These things all must happen for Christ to return
These things that happen make our hearts for You yearn.

Hear our cries, “Come Lord Jesus, please won’t You come”
“Not yet,” is Your answer, by Your strength not succumb.

In faith they stand, believing till their last earthly breath
That’s why for Your saints it is so precious a death.

But Lord, it’s so hard to see that You’re working there
We imagine their pain, but in their grace we don’t share.

Great is Your grace and Your presence among them
From there is where their strength and power must stem.

But God save Your people, speak to their storm
Peace in their hearts, Your miracle to perform.

But here we continue to watch slip away
Freedom to worship more every day.

Could we hope to have the faith they have there?
American Christian in truth, we must be aware.

We look at them and we think “may it never be”
"Surely that kind of battle couldn’t happen to me."

There’s a darkness that’s coming we must withstand
Would we hold our faith if our life it demand?

“Live your life for Jesus,” we simply say
People are dying for Jesus today.

They are standing against true persecution
We here need a true faith revolution.

American Christian it’s time to awake,
Look and see what’s truly at stake.

Is your faith simply something you choose “do”?
Or is your faith what is the Truth about you?

Apathy has overtaken as we live in this bubble
American Christian this world is in all kinds of trouble.

Prosperity gospel to appease itching ears
Is the truth, little t, that America hears.

Our comfort is crumbling, the wolf at the door
I hope that we know what we really stand for.

Our brothers and sisters are on the front lines
But trouble is coming, ignore not the signs.

The days are evil, be redeeming the time
Declare the Truth, big T, the harvest is prime.

American Christian your faith must run deep
Beware of the danger, they come to slaughter His sheep.

It’s not them and us, to one body we belong
The persecuted need our prayers to help them be strong.

More believers today died by the blade
Their faith too strong for fear to dissuade.

Turn not your eyes from your TV screen
It could be our future that’s there to be seen.

Do we know our Jesus in this tangible way?
That not even death could cause us to stray?

Oh American Christian we must dig in deep
Oh American Christian we cannot continue to sleep.

Whatever you do, do not be deceived
Darkness is coming Truth must be believed.

Anchor your hope, all your life, in this Jesus
In good times and bad He always sees us.

Into His arms believers giving their lives
May we stand as strong when trouble arrives.

American Christian it is time to awake
Your very life may someday be at stake.

By Diana DePriest
© September 3, 2014