Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holy Anticipation

Almost a year ago our family came to a new church. Not long after our arrival we heard about a missions trip that a team from there would be taking. There was a stir in my heart but I kept it quietly to myself.
It was just a few weeks later that I found out Jacob had been doing research at school. God had stirred a desire in his heart. He knew after graduation he wanted to take a missions trip. It was confirmation of the sense I had that day in our new church. Jake was supposed to go.
He wasn't convinced that Guatemala was the place or that CrossPointe was the team, but he considered it. Slowly God directed and the pathway was clear, he soon agreed, Guatemala WAS the place and CrossPointe was the team.
Support was raised quickly, months ahead of schedule, half the goal in a single day. God makes a way.
Weekly team meetings have lined the path through the summer to the day. Tomorrow is that day.  I have so much peace and his giddy excitement today was contagious. He's excited, I'm excited for him. I can feel God moving, in his heart, in his life.
A few days ago Neal said he could see his son as a missionary, knowing his attachment to his children, I couldn't help but wonder, was it Neal speaking or the Holy Spirit?
Today my husband and I stood with others before our church, laying hands and praying for our loved ones, commissioning them. Later the pastor and team leader was speaking with Neal in the parking lot. He said, "I can see Jake has a heart for missions." I wondered again, who was speaking, this man or the Holy Spirit?
I wonder, this peace, this willingness to send him out, this faith I feel, has the Lord given me the mother's heart of a missionary?
I don't know. I wonder. But I have this sense, this Holy Anticipation that God is going to do something great in my son in these next 8 days, maybe even life changing. I'm starting to miss him a little already, even as he's asleep in his room. I already find myself anxious to hear the stories that have not even been written yet.
Vaya con Dios, they might say in Guatemala. Go with God, my son. My prayers go with you.