Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The Lord is constantly having to adjust mine. I'm not sure why He puts up with me most days.

This morning I had a perspective shift, yet again. One of Victoria's classmates lost their home in the fire this past weekend. I know, my parents were spared, friends were spared. I saw the apartment where my husband helped my friend move from just a couple months ago go up in flames on live TV, yet still my perspective, as evidenced by my previous post was still pretty self-focused.

Something about this little 6-year-old, who I actually know (albeit not well) having lost her home really drives in the perspective. Not even the six houses on my mother's street were as much of a jolt. How do you explain to a six year old that everything is gone? Her toys, her room, her pictures, all gone, what kind of questions does that create in a little mind?

I'm sort of shaken to my core a little. My heart grieves for this little girl. Yesterday before I knew about what had happened to her family I came across a picture she had drawn and given to Victoria. In 6 year old scribble it said "To Victoria Love Madelyn" and it was a drawing of the three crosses on top of Calvary. I can only hope that her family is anchored there, because how else do you survive something like this? How else do you hope that somehow, "but God..."

I gave the picture to Victoria yesterday and told her to put it away. When I get home this afternoon I am hoping I can find it. I thought about framing it and giving it back to her family, with a commitment to pray for them through this season. I know my prayer life has really been lacking lately, but now is the time, to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. The little kids' vice principal did morning ceremonies this morning, which is unusual, but he shared the importance of just loving and reaching out to the people hurting around us. I realize now, in every home are people like little Madelyn, and we need to share Jesus with them.

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Chris @ Come to the Table said...

This is beautiful Diana! And I would definately frame that picture and give it to the family at some point. I learned from the floods this summer that so many in our church went through, healing takes time. Everyone knows it is only stuff, but they need to grieve through the loss.
Praying for you my friend...keep writing!