Tuesday, December 2, 2008

25 Days of CHRISTmas - December 2, 2008

So today was a little challenging, trying to pick out the one thing in the day that I felt like was a gift from the Lord. It was confirmed today Neal will be having surgery, turns out my daughter needed glasses and we had the expense (sudden and somewhat unexpected) of the exam and the glasses. (And because she has expressed fears of being rejected if she wore glasses I spent a little more on a pair she liked.) The troubles with Ethan don't seem much better, and in fact I have concerns about how much he could be exacerbating the problem now. It was kind of a muddy uphill kind of day.

I did get a very nice note of encouragement from a man in our church when I sent out the most recent prayer request. It's the second or third such letter he's sent me. I considered the possibility it would be what I counted today.

So a few minutes ago I did my nightly ritual of blog checking, numbers on my own, posts on those I follow, and as I did I scanned down the page of our family blog and the post I wrote about my daughter and her new glasses. So here goes...

On the second day of CHRISTmas my true Love gave to me.... my daughter's smile.

She looks so lovely and loved, sure of who she is and who she belongs to. Why do we lose that? After we bought the glasses I thought she looked just adorable (honestly the picture doesn't do her justice) and I said it two or three times as we walked out of the Lens Crafters. She turned to me beaming, "I know, I do!" And she does, and in that moment, no fear of being called "four eyes" or friends disapproving were of any issue. She saw herself clearly, and it was reflected in her smile, and that is a gift to me from my true Love, and so I thank Him for it.

Merry CHRISTmas!


nikki said...

i have to admit i got a little choked up at the end. I love that V is a confidant girl. It will always make her more beautiful just because of that.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

This is exactly what I was talking about. You took "joy" in your daughter's beautiful smile. Loved this!