Tuesday, July 22, 2008

30 Days of Praise - Day 16

In my book/ Bible study, there is a new exercise for the 2nd week. It's called the ABCs of worship. The assignment is to take all 26 letter of the alphabet and for each letter list something praiseworthy about the Lord that starts with that letter. I thought I would try that here tonight.

A - Awesome, Lord you are so big, and purposeful, I cannot wrap my mind around You.
B - Burden bearer, You take those things that weigh heavy on me, and lighten my heart.
C - Compassionate, You care for my hurts, feel for me in my struggles.
D - Delightful, You stir up happiness and joy in my heart.
E - Everlasting, there is no end to You or Your love for me.
F - Faithful, I can count on You, You keep Your promises.
G - Gracious, You are the author of grace, loving and forgiving out of Your goodness
H - Hope, You are my Hope, there is always promise of a better tomorrow in You
I - Intimate, You know my whole being, love me in my strengths and my faults
J - Jesus, you are MY Jesus, You gave Your all for me.
K - Kind, there is such simplicity in the truth that you are kind to me every day
L - Life, You are the reason I even exist, and then You give not just life, but life abundant.
M - Mine, You are not just a distant God in the distance, You draw close to ME and lead ME, speak to ME.
N - Name above all names, there is power and protection in the Name of the Lord.
O - Omnipresent, no matter where I go, you are there with me.
P - Peace, You are the only source of true Peace, no matter what storm may come, there is peace to be found in You.
Q - Quintessence of Goodness and Truth, (yes it's a word, look it up.)
R - Refuge, when life overwhelms and struggles threaten to destroy there is safety and a hiding place in You.
S - Savior, You rescued me from my sin and myself, and I can have eternal life because of what You did for me on the cross.
T - Truth, You are Truth and all truth comes from You, the is nothing hidden or untrustworthy.
U - Undeniable, there is no question that You are, and You are who You say You are.
V - Victorious, You have overcome the grave, the enemy and all evil, and in You I have overcome them as well.
W - Wonderful, You are wonder inspiring, my mind is blown away when I try to grasp the fullness of You
X - X-Ray, the x-ray to my soul, and my entire being, and you will reveal those things hidden in my heart that I must forsake to grow in You.
Y - Yearning of my heart, I long to have, to know and to experience more of You.
Z - Zealous, You are relentless in Your love and pursuit of Your children, me included.

"And He said to me, “It£ is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts." Revelation 21:6

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