Saturday, July 31, 2010

In Theory

I'll warn you from the get go that I am formulating this post from V18 in F107 at the Angel game, typing it out on the small screen of my cell phone. I don't know if that'll turn out to be a good thing or bad, but I thought you could keep it in mind if you find yourself in need of an excuse for whatever this post turns into.

So this is what's on my mind here in the bottom of the 2nd inning as the Angels have 2 outs and nobody on.

I've been thinking a lot about life and its theories. I'm thinking how little value they have in their theoretical state. Until they are tested and approved, they don't mean much. For example before I got married, I remember how I had many theories about what married life would be like and what I'd have to do and be to be a part of the ideal I used to believe existed. Likewise, I was a perfect parent until I had children. Sometime after the word "push," all went awry. The perfect mom I intended to be never really manifested. I could place all the blame for it on the children, of course, but it would hardly be fair. Although I do count on children to straighten up those other "theoretical" parents who look down on those of us in the trenches, you know who I mean, we all have at least one of those in our lives, the ones who would never do it the way we do.

So what I am coming to realize is most theories about life tend to get blown away by the practicality of reality. Not that I am saying it's bad to have a plan, quite the opposite actually, but we need to realize life will be a filter process for the theory, and only that which stands the test will remain.

Sometimes what seems like a really good theory doesn't hold up to the practical at all. Other times things that may seem way outside the box will stand strong through the proving process. All I know for certain, is you will never know how a theory will go unless you finally give it a try. You have to take the risk if you ever want to venture toward the reward.

There is one other thing I am sure of, you can formulate your theories for living out of good stock to improve your odds of success.... Huh? (You ask.) If you want to "build a better mousetrap," then use better building materials. So when it comes to formulating your theories on how to be a spouse, a parent, a leader, a friend the best plan is to build with what has already been tested and proved, the Word of God.

There are no other life principles so sound as God's word. It is sure and unchanging. It can be counted on. The practicality may not play out the same in my life and yours, because we don't serve a cookie cutter God who desires to be Lord over a Stepford like congregation. There are absolutely absolute truths we are to live by, but the ways we live it out will certainly not be identical.

So I guess the conclusion I have arrived at is that maybe we should all spend more time focusing on our "building materials" which must be sound and good, and give one another the freedom to build the structure that fits our lives. If Jesus, true and exalted, is the foundation, then whatever is built will stand.

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Technonana said...

Amen, My Sister on all points!!! Keeping you in my prayers!!!
May God richly bless you for sharing so willingly from your heart!!