Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Anchor

The waters of circumstance rise and I lose my footing.
They toss me to and fro and I struggle to find my feet.
I’ve lost strength in me and myself,
And it’s in that moment again we meet.

“I am the God of this ocean, “ You remind me,
“I am the God of the waves.
I am the Hope of your future,
I am sovereign over all of your days.”

I remember again, You are the “I AM,”
Nothing is too hard for You.
You are for me and with me,
And nothing can hinder Your love, so true.

Circumstances will not hold me,
Trials will not control me with fear,
For my anchor is You, Your truth,
And Your truth sustains me here.

I will speak words of hope,
Because the words are true.
I will speak words of faith,
Because my faith is in You.

My Truth: I am chosen, set apart,
My hurts and fears are understood.
Your Promise: You’ll never fail me,
Your plans for me are good.

To the cross I come again,
And remember all You’ve done.
What would you ever withhold,
When You’ve given me Your Son?

Remembering my spirit renews,
The wave of faith begins to rise again.
I remember You are not afar off,
You are with me, my faithful Friend.

The wave lifts me above the challenges,
Victory over circumstance is found.
I will not tumble down and be broken,
I will be brought to solid ground.

You are my firm foundation
You satisfy my soul.
You are the Anchor in the storms,
My future You safely hold.

So I will praise you,
Whatever circumstance I see.
And I will hold to You in faith,
Because Your promises I believe.

Your Word is my light,
All of Your promises are true.
You are my faithful Friend,
And I will rest in You.

Diana DePriest
©July 30, 2009

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