Monday, June 1, 2009

Domestic Terrorist

That's the new hot button term being directed towards pro-lifers. Sigh. I have explained here why I am pro-life and further supported it here. And if that doesn't make it clear enough, you can read up on portions of my testimony here. (Remember blog format goes newest to oldest, so go to the bottom/end and work your way back.)

First let me say publicly that brutal slaying of Dr. Tiller over the weekend is completely appalling and by no means a "pro-life" movement in any way, shape or form. Taking this man's life was wrong, and I am sincerely sorry for his family and loved ones, and for the people inside the church who witnessed something so heinous.

But going back to the title of this post, I feel compelled to express my concerns. The National Organization of Women (NOW) is taking this tragedy as opportunity to once again incite people against those of us who believe abortion is wrong. "Pro-lifers are domestic terrorists." People want the Department of Homeland Security to take issue with us and put us on "the list" of terrorist threats, all because we believe killing an unborn baby is wrong.

Now I will grant you that the new determining factor added in to the discussion is militancy. It is only the "militant pro-lifers" who are currently being considered a threat. Causes me to stop and wonder, how exactly do you define "militant." defines militant as follows: 1. vigorously active and aggressive, esp. in support of a cause: militant reformers. 2. engaged in warfare; fighting.

Hmmm.... sort of a vague definition there isn't it? It is certainly one that leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

Without a doubt, if this man killed Dr. Tiller because he is an abortion doctor, he would undoubtedly be qualified as militant. Of course to my knowledge, it has yet to be released what this man's personal motivations were. Maybe it wasn't about his practice as a whole at all. Maybe it was because of something personal, perhaps it had to do with a personal aftermath in this man's family based on a single abortion performed, perhaps even one this man actively supported in the process. It is possible, although highly unlikely that we'll ever know if that is in fact the case.

OK, either way though, murder would in all likelihood be considered militant. Of course to my knowledge murder is already considered a capital crime and open to the greatest consequences within a state, is there some reason it needs to be made an act of terrorism? A federal offense? Or could there be some deeper agenda there? I just have to ask.

Ok, militant... I'm making a safe bet that if someone wanted to petition outside of an abortion clinic that would probably be considered militant. The days of actually being able to get between a person and a clinic door are long gone. The Operation Rescue days of sit-ins have passed, the laws have changed, people already face jail time to participate in such activity, and I don't hear much about it going on these days, the penalties have gotten to be severe enough people seem to be willing to play by the rules. But if we need to make even the possibility of it an act of terrorism...

How about those folks who like to stand on street corners and hold up signs of aborted babies? Personally I have a huge issue with that tactic, it actually kind of ticks me off, because here I am someone who believes abortion is wrong, am willing to say so and speak it out. I'm on your side and supporting your cause and you in return are going to go and put those horrible images into the minds of my innocent children riding in my car with me down the street. I don't appreciate it at all. However for those of you who take no issue with abortion, or dare I even say support it, I would challenge you to take a hard healthy look at what you support.

Now I have never chosen to participate in either of the above activities, but I have known wonderful godly people who have. I don't judge them, their choices are between them and the Lord, and I can absolutely understand the passion that drives a person to take such a hard stand. I even know a few who have spent a night or two in jail because of it. I wonder if their names have now landed on some "domestic terrorist" list... I hope the other soccer moms don't find out.

How about the prayer vigils? I have been to a couple of those back in my earliest days. Once I stood outside the home of the doctor who performed my abortion and prayed for him holding a candle. We weren't loud, we didn't carry sings, and I had actually been there for a while before I realized my personal connection. I stood quietly and prayed. I'm not actually sure he ever even knew we were there. Was that an act of terrorism?

I sat on a corner on a Sunday afternoon once too for about 2 hours. I had a sign in front of me that said "abortion takes a life" in plain blue script on a white background. I never said a word, I just sat there and prayed. When women drove by and spit at me, I just sat and prayed. When another woman screamed at me at the top her lungs and swore and cursed at me, I just sat there and said nothing. Was I acting as a terrorist then? Perhaps my silent stance could be considered... dare I say it? Militant?

How about now? Here on my blog, sharing my thoughts, opinions and experiences with you, my stance on abortion, does this make me militant?

If I tell you that abortion stops a beating heart, am I a terrorist?

If I tell you that abortion kills unborn babies and emotionally wounds the women that have them, am I a terrorist?

Oh Diana, don't assume your personal experience to be the common one... did you know that I used to run an internet ministry for women who had abortions? And in a single week, with very limited effort I found over 100 women who were suffering emotionally, spiritually and psychologically from past abortions. Coincidence?

Let me say again I am wholeheartedly appalled at what transpired over this past weekend, absolutely sickened by it, but I also believe I should have every right, and even hold it an obligation to speak out against the murder of Dr. Tiller as well as the murder of innocent unborn children.

Life is inherently valuable and precious. It is created with purpose and is full of potential. In a crisis pregnancy, it is the crisis that should be put to an end and not the pregnancy.

I can only wonder if somewhere now my name is being jotted down on a list.

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beautifully said. I agree wholeheartedly!