Friday, October 10, 2008

My Heart

I watch my heart, as it walks away,
Going out into the world to face the day.

Standing alone to face what may come,
I pray it remember where it came from.

I worry and wonder, will it be crushed or bruised?
Lord never let it be mistreated or used.

Will it stand firm when temptation may come?
Have I taught my heart from danger to run?

Has my heart come to know how precious it is?
Will it be shown by how my heart lives?

Entrusting my heart with others to share,
Is so very hard when you can’t tell if they care.

All the hurts and stumbles can be so hard,
As my heart learns to soar in the little schoolyard.

Each day my “mother’s heart,” it divides into three,
As Jacob, Ethan and Victoria adventure out from me.

Lord, guard my heart keep it safe in Your hand,
Help it grow and become all you have planned.

By Diana DePriest
October 10, 2008

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