Thursday, October 9, 2008


My heart is so heavy, I cannot lift my eyes,
To look to find You through the enemy's lies.

Depression, discouragement, darken my view,
I don't know where to look so I can find You.

My heart feels broken, I can't catch my breath,
I listen to hear You, but worry You've left.

I know the truth, it's hidden in my heart,
But these clouds of darkness seem unwilling to part.

I need a rainbow of hope to reach deep inside,
To awaken Your Spirit from where it resides.

Darts thrown in abandon, wounding the soul,
Broken in places only You can make whole.

In sadness, frustration I'm too weary to try,
Please come and lift me, clear the dark sky.

It's all I can do to crawl toward the Cross,
Hope You'll help me stop feeling so lonely and lost.

The battles are raging, the hours are few,
Please help me Lord Jesus find my way back to You

by Diana DePriest
October 9,2008

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