Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Silence

My prayer life has been a struggle of late. Sometimes it's very hard to enter the presence of the Lord. Maybe I am the only one that feels that way, but it is a struggle that comes around again and again from time to time. Seasons of challenge or busyness, times of struggle or disappointment, the place I need to be most, is the hardest place to go. Sometimes it's just my flesh that keeps me back, well I guess it's always my flesh, but sometimes there seems no other apparent reason.

Many nights like tonight I wander and postpone going to bed, trying to suck the last few hours of quiet out of the night and part of me longs to spend them with the Lord, but many nights like tonight I find myself busy with nothing and nonsense and as I crawl into bed late it is usually with regret as I try to eek out a feeble prayer before falling asleep. Tonight was just such a night and as I lay in my bed, a poem started to form in my mind. The first poem I ever wrote I dreamt and woke up and scribbled it on a piece of paper. Tonight as I was laying in bed with the words forming in my head, I felt the urgency to get up and write this poem out as well.

The Silence

It's the silence that separates us and keeps us apart,
It's the silence that keeps me from touching Your heart.

It's the silence that keeps me from finding the truth,
It's the silence that keeps You seeming aloof.

It's the silence that makes You seem so hard to find,
The sad thing about it, is the silence is mine.

No prayers to seek You or reach out to Your heart,
No prayers to keep us from drifting apart.

No prayers to ask You to lead me Your way,
No prayers to ask for strength for the day.

In the silence You wait, in love and with care,
For me to break it, so You can show me You're there.

By Diana DePriest
© August 23, 2008

Going to bed now it's 2:10 AM, hoping to break the silence soon.

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