Monday, February 24, 2014

Please help me to remember when I forget....

This morning as I was spending time with the Lord and writing to Him in my prayer journal, I wrote this simple sentence that suddenly reached back up and drew my attention to itself.

"Lord, help me to remember when I forget..."

Suddenly it felt so profound, and the prayer enlarged itself.

Father, when my mind loses focus and I forget who You say I am... help me to remember.

God, when I can't see the light beyond my circumstances, help me to remember Your Word and all Your many promises that have suddenly seemed to forget.

God when I feel lonely or confused, help me to remember what I have clearly forgotten, that You are with me and for me and nothing, absolutely NOTHING can separate me from Your love.

Lord, when I get a little full of myself and prideful about my walk with You, help me to remember from whence I came, and how desperately I still need my Savior just to get through today.

Father, when I forget and focus on the worries of the day and let them consume me, help me remember You said not to worry about tomorrow. Help me to remember You said You would take care of my needs, all of my needs.

Lord, when I get overwhelmed by the world we live in and the things I see, help me remember You are loving and patient and You never tarry. Your timing is perfect.

Father, when my actions indicate I have forgotten my love for You, help me remember me that You love me anyway.

God, when I look back over my yesterdays, recent and long ago, and I am tempted to wallow in my regrets, help me to remember Your sovereignty, and that You have promised to work ALL things together for my good.

God, when I am overwhelmed by my failures and I can't seem to let them go, help me to remember You have chosen to remember them no more.

Father, when I feel lost and out of place in this life of mine, help me to remember this is just a temporary journey, and that I am not home yet.

God when I look in the mirror and I look at my lack, my failure and my fumbles, help me to remember that when You look at me, You see Jesus for I am clothed in His righteousness and not my own.

There's so much to remember Lord, of Your grace, Your goodness and Your blessings...

Help me Father to always keep my eyes on You...

And please help me to remember when I forget.

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