Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Crucible - a poem

Just took a few minutes to begin letting the poetic inclinations flow. It feels unfinished, but it also ceased to flow. This is an interesting gift I bear... if it is in fact a gift at all. Anyway, here it is...

The Crucible

Tender mercies draw me near
In the darkness I see You here

“Come to Me,” I hear You call
Into Your arms I long to fall

Hold me dear and whisper sweet,
Into Your grace I must retreat

In the silence I seek Your voice
To pursue Your heart is my choice

Things about not as they ought to be
My faith in You is an anchor for me

The storms about it twists and blows
What comes next no one knows

Changing always is this life
This world replete with pain and strife

‘Tis not our home is what You’ve said
Heaven’s our home on up ahead

This season’s purpose is to refine
To knit Your heart into mine

This crucible is to test and distill
Pressure and pain purifies for Your will

Change and growth it will demand
But in Your likeness I'll someday stand

That’s the promise You’ve made to me
In my reflection more of You I'll see

That’s the joy to be found in the trial
The pain of the crucible is but for a while

But the glory’s eternal and belongs to You
As You’ll redeem my life the way that You do

Your Word is certain, Your promise sure
On these alone I stand secure

Though now Your work is yet complete
Your purpose for me none can defeat

All things together knit by Your hand
In Your likeness I’ll eventually stand

Whenever my dying breath may be
Until that day You’re working in me

Sometimes the pain and pressure great
But the curse of self it will abate

Your work You continue in love and care
Shaping me into a proper heir

A perfect reflection eventually seen
Lifetime of sanctifying making me clean

That’s the someday that’ll eventually come
Today is the place I’ll journey from

So when in this darkness it’s hard to see
I will look for You beckoning me

And in tender mercies as You draw me near
I’ll surrender to Your purposes here.

And in the crucible I’ll find my joy
For it’s a place You build not destroy

Character, hope, and faith will grow
And more of You I’ll truly know

By Diana DePriest
© January 8, 2014

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