Monday, August 19, 2013

This darkness

This darkness that comes
And creeps into my soul
It highlights what's broken
Reveals all that's not whole

It doesn't mean I'm not Yours
That life's not as it should be
It just magnifies this truth
That You're still working on me

So much sadness and pain
As I look all around
Just because I feel lost
Doesn't mean I'm not found

My heart breaks a little 
When I sit quiet alone
As I am again aware
This world's not my home

There may never be
A "this" I'll achieve
No specified promise
Only I will receive

Maybe I need no more
Than just getting through
So long as I do it
Walking with You

It may be only in sleep
That I find my dreams
Maybe my mundane life
Matters more than it seems

Maybe when at its end
I'll see what mattered most
Or perhaps I'll never see
Any reason to boast

The human doer in me
Simply must find a way
To stay focused on You
As I live day to day

Father forgive me
For living unsatisfied
Teach me contentment
Let me in Your love abide

Oh to stay focused on You
Focused on Your light
If only this darkness
Didn't creep in at night

Diana DePriest
© August 19, 2013

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