Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Do Not Dare

I Do Not Dare

I do not dare to dream
For I know the sadness of its death.
I have grieved before
As I watched its final breath.

I do not dare to dream
For waiting is too hard
The pain and loss of losing
Has left me worn and scarred.

‘Tis easier to lay aside
The thoughts of what could be
And simply live right where I am
And hold to what I see.

I do not dare to hope
To suffer when it’s deferred
I’d rather live right here and now
No “could be” whispers heard.

My faith I’ll rest in who God is
Not in what He might do
I’ll seek His face and not His hand
And trust what’s proven true.

I know His plans are good
That’s good enough for me
I choose not to dream about
What just may never be.

I do not dare to aspire
To accomplish any great thing
So when nothing comes to pass
Disappointment it will not bring.

I have been the dreamer
Imagined a different life
Only to fall down hard
Shredded by internal strife.

I choose to look around me
Count the blessings that are mine
It’s a happier place to live
Than in dreams I may never find.

I no longer look
To fulfill some greater plan
I do not seek to soar
I’d rather simply stand.

I’ll stand right here
And I’ll live right now
I never have to dream
Or ever wonder how.

To imagine or to dream
Is more than I can give
For to suffer under heartbreak
Is such a horrible way to live.

Contentment is my aspiration
Satisfied in the here and now
Let the future be what it will be
God will work it out somehow.

No dreams for me
I simply do not dare
Let life bring what it will
I do not want to care.

If a dream You have to give
I’ll simply give it back to You
I don’t to ever dare to dream
Of what may never come true.

Hope is heavy unmet
A burden I choose not to bear
The future is Yours Father
I’ll live in it when I’m there.

I will never again grieve
A dream into its death
For I do not dare to dream
Or give it a single breath.

Diana DePriest
© March 14, 2013

Hope deferred makes the heart sick...
Proverbs 13:12

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