Monday, December 6, 2010



The heart weighs heavy inside of the soul,

Caught in the midst of what only God can control.

Never is the power really in the strength of our hands,

Never is it more evident than when we can't understand.

Grief is an ache that words can't describe.

Like wearing our heart on the outside.

The world keeps on moving while we're standing still,

Life keeps on moving but it feels so surreal.

The emotional waves ebb back, then flow to abound,

The storm of unanswered questions continually resound.

Yet in the midst of the questions and all of the pain,

There in the midst of it, Jesus remains.

His shoulder to cry on, and His hand there to hold,

Keeping His promise, just as we were told.

Forsake us not ever, never once will He leave,

Jesus, so faithful, holds on as we grieve.

Hold tightly back and look straight in His face,

For in the midst of the grief is where we'll find grace.

Grace for the loss, the questions and ache that we feel,

And this is where we find the Hope that is real.

- Diana DePriest
© December 5, 2010

Dedicated to the Deight Family

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