Friday, February 26, 2010

Afternoon Inspiration

This little ditty came to me this afternoon at the end of my lunch hour. It's very simple and sort of like a childhood song, but I think there is a truth behind it that makes it worth sharing. I hope it is found by you to be a blessing.

Count Your Blessings

Count your blessings five by five
And you'll be glad that you're alive.

Count your blessings four by four
And you'll recall what you adore.

Count your blessings three by three
And you'll acknowledge what you see.

Count your blessings two by two
And it will lift your heart for you.

But if you count them one by one
You will see when you are done,

That God is great and life is good,
And what truly matters is understood.

Your joy will rise, your heart will feel
Full of God's blessings, so true and real.

So count them all, it's time you can afford,
Let me start you, "You are loved by the Lord."

It's first on your list, so write it there,
And when you're done, pass it on and share.

© Diana DePriest
February 26, 2010

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