Friday, July 10, 2009

I Can Choose

This is a poem I wrote nearly 10 years ago that hangs on my wall at work. Just felt like sharing it today, maybe it will encourage someone...

I Can Choose

I cannot control what I face in my life,
I cannot prevent all my struggles and strife.

But I do have the choice in what I do and I say,
And I can control the choices I make along the way.

I can look at my my circumstances and let them guide what I do,
Or Lord, I can choose Truth and stay focused on You.

I can choose to worry of what the future might bring about,
Or I can trust You today Lord, without wavering in doubt.

I can choose to react in emotion to the feelings I feel,
Or I can choose to stand firm on Your Word that is real.

I can choose fear, uncertainty, "what ifs" and "maybes,"
Or I can choose You and Your Word and what forever will be.

I can choose Truth and all the peace that it holds,
And then stand secure no matter what circumstance unfolds.

For, Lord, Your unchanging Word, it will anchor my soul,
And then no matter what I might face, I can stand whole.

Strengthened, assured, confident, standing firm in Your care,
I can choose You and Your Truth and find my hope there.

So Jesus, My Lord, it is You and Your Truth that I choose,
And in my choice I attain victory I can never ever lose.

- Diana DePriest
© October 12, 1999

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