Monday, June 8, 2009

He Cares for Me

I remember when Jake was about 2 1/2 he used to have this little frog that he loved to carry around with him everywhere he went. He was crazy about it. It wasn't much bigger than the end of my thumb. When he held it in his tight little fist, you couldn't even see it. When it was not in his tiny little fist, the problem was it was hard to keep track of.

I wish I had been more thoughtful and sentimental back then because I think back to that frog quite fondly. God used it to teach me a very valuable lesson. He cares about the little things that matter to us... A LOT.

If you're a parent you know how children can suddenly become overwhelmingly attached to a particular toy, blanket, what not... and for a season this frog was the be all and end all. And one day we lost it. Jacob was absolutely beside himself that we could not find this frog, and after tearing the house apart looking for it I was at a loss as I looked into my little toddler's tear-filled eyes.

Finally, I pulled Jake over to the couch, doing my best to console him when it occurred to me, we could pray. So I took his little hands and we bowed our heads and asked God to help us find that tiny frog. After we prayed I lifted my head, and over Jake's shoulder across the room wedged between the couch and an end table a tiny glimpse of green caught my eye. I hurried across the room to find Jake's beloved little toy frog.

I've prayed for a thousand "lost" things since that day. I remember the time at church Jake and I prayed for a friend who had lost her keys. We walked upstairs to help her look on a late Wednesday evening as the building was about to close. I felt compelled to stick my hand inside a tissue box (random?) and there they were. God not only cares about those things which matter to us, but if we listen.... "He will direct your path.." (Proverbs 3:6) He wants to speak to us, if only we will listen.

Yesterday I went looking for these little beauties. Mom's, do you recognize them? (Maybe a few of you dads do too.) The yellow color indicates their value, they're like gold. They represent all the immunizations my kids have had since birth. I lost Jake's when he was little, and they are kind of a pain to replace. (And they can cost you money to replace - like $20 a piece.) And since you only pull them out on occasions like "shot days" and for school registration, they can be challenging to keep track of. But ever since I lost the first one, I have been really diligent for the last dozen years, which explains why I was really shocked when I couldn't find them yesterday morning.

I needed them for summer camp registration, knowing when Ethan's last tetanus and Victoria's last MMR immunization was is critical for a week in the mountains at church camp. (It actually is, I'm only teasing.) And when I went to my file where I have kept them for the last decade, they were not there, but the key is they were all not there. It would make sense to have misplaced one, but not all three. I tore my file boxes apart to no avail. I was ready to surrender figuring I had somehow lost them at registration time last year for the new schools. I was all prepared to call the doctor's office this morning and break out my checkbook for three replacements. Then I remembered I could pray and see if the Lord would help me find them.

I will confess my obsessive nature was struggling, I went through a few random drawers and the like, but mostly I was resigned to spending $60 or $90 or so to be able to get copies to complete the registration form. This morning I woke up earlier than I would have liked with the image of a manila envelope in my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was so on my mind I couldn't go back to sleep (which I really wanted to do.) So finally I got up and went into the office.

I cleaned it out recently and the hefty bag of papers is still sitting on the floor. I started searching through and found the folder full of papers from registration for school last year, but no envelope, and no immunization cards. So I pulled that box of files that I went through no less than three times yesterday where I noticed stuffed in the front was a manila envelope, which I immediately opened and found three gold cards (that almost felt like three cards made of gold...) Thank you Jesus.

Were they there yesterday? Without a doubt, but I couldn't find them. But the Lord of the universe who cares about what matters to me spoke clearly, opened my eyes and directed my way. That's how big the God I serve is in my own little world, and that's how much He cares for me. (and for you by the way... if only you will let Him.)

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Kristin said...

This post really spoke to me as I feel my heart begin to race just thinking about searching frantically for important things with no clue where they are! God has bailed me out I don't know how many times! It is so reassuring that He DOES care about what matters to us!